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Children's Remains Found in Home Freezer




LUSBY, Maryland —  Child-sized human remains uncovered in a basement freezer were those of two girls and have been there for months, their adoptive mother told investigators. Authorities said Monday they believe she is responsible for their deaths.



OMAHA, Neb. —  A former teacher who fled to Mexico with a 13-year-old student with whom she was having a sexual relationship was sentenced Monday to six years in federal prison.

Kelsey Peterson, 26, had pleaded guilty in July to a charge of transporting a minor across state lines to have sex and avoided a similar charge that would have carried a mandatory 10-year minimum sentence.


The guilty plea does not mean Peterson is off the hook on Nebraska state charges, which include kidnapping and first-degree sexual assault. Her attorney said he hoped those charges will be dropped.



Elisabeth Hasselbeck is ''really upset'' with her "View" co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar about the presidential election, a longtime staff member of the show reportedly told the Chicago Sun-Times.

''It's not as bad as during the Rosie [O'Donnell] era,'' the source added, but said it's bad enough that ''View'' creator Barbara Walters has called a ''cooling off'' meeting between the conservative Hasselbeck and the more liberal Goldberg and Behar.


(Well, what took her so stinking long?  I have been disgusted with those nasty mouthed brainless broads for years. That is why they are not allowed in my home and haven’t been for many years..  Get out of the view and get a job that doesn’t have any shame attached to it.)

The United States of Mind

Researchers Identify Regional Personality Traits Across America
Certain regional stereotypes have long since become cliches: The stressed-out New Yorker. The laid-back Californian.

But the conscientious Floridian? The neurotic Kentuckian?

You bet -- at least, according to new research on the geography of personality. Based on more than 600,000 questionnaires and published in the journal Perspectives on Psychological Science, the study maps regional clusters of personality traits, then overlays state-by-state data on crime, health and economic development in search of correlations.

  Even after controlling for variables such as race, income and education levels, a state's dominant personality turns out to be strongly linked to certain outcomes. Amiable states, like Minnesota, tend to be lower in crime. Dutiful states -- an eclectic bunch that includes New Mexico, North Carolina and Utah -- produce a disproportionate share of mathematicians. States that rank high in openness to new ideas are quite creative, as measured by per-capita patent production. But they're also high-crime and a bit aloof. Apparently, Californians don't much like socializing, the research suggests.



 What can we say about this ding bat? Really. What can be said?  This sad little liar is under investigation for not claiming the income he makes by renting the villa in owns in the Dominican Republic.  He, who happens to be the chairmen of the House Ways and Means committee which WRITES the tax code, states that he didn’t know he had to claim that income.  Everyone who believes that line up to the left.   

The first time I met this ol’ boy was back in the days of Bill Clinton and his Monica escapades.  Rangel was on Meet the Press.  I listened to the interview with him and turned to my husband and said, “Now there’s proof positive that one can be an idiot and still be elected to Congress.”

It is very amusing to remember that “I don’t know nothin’ about no taxes, Miz Scarlet “ Charlie was one of the many democrats in those days insisting that one’s personal behavior has nothing to do with his ability to govern. Wonder why?  LOL

Rangel for weeks has been embroiled in controversy over his failure to report taxes on income from a beach house, use of three rent-stabilized apartments in his home district of Harlem, and using official stationery to try to drum up private donations for a college center named after the congressman. On Friday he reporting paying $10,800 in back taxes and said in an open letter to constituents that Republicans were waging a “guerrilla war” against him.

The article just happens to leave out my favorite in what is becoming a long line of tax issues for Charles Rangel.  He hasn’t been paying taxes on a car he had hidden in the congressional parking lot.  This ol’ boy is a piece of work. 

The hits keep coming for Congressman Charlie Rangel. The New York Post reports the chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee has been using a congressional parking garage for years as free storage for his old Mercedes-Benz.

The Post reports the 1972 sedan is partially covered with a tarp and has no license plates. State records indicate the vehicle's registration expired in 2004.

House rules forbid using the garage for long-term storage. Other House rules say all cars must have license plates and a valid parking permit. And under IRS regulations, the free parking is considered "imputed income" and must be declared to the IRS. FOX News has learned that Rangel had the car towed this afternoon

. http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,425107,00.html

Anyone want to guess just how often Charlie has voted to raise OUR taxes?  What a sleaze ball.




NEW YORK — Proposed bans on same-sex marriage are on the ballot in three important states this fall, rousing passions on both sides, yet neither John McCain nor Barack Obama seems eager to push the issue high on their campaign agendas.

In California, the stakes are particularly high — it’s the first time a ban-gay-marriage amendment goes before voters in a state where same-sex couples already have the right to wed. Similar amendments are on the ballots in Florida, a battleground in the presidential race, and Arizona, McCain’s home state.

Both presidential candidates say they oppose same-sex marriage, although Obama adds that his personal beliefs do not translate into support for banning it. And unlike McCain, Obama has declared his support for civil unions that grant marriage-like rights to gay and lesbian couples.

Now that’s what I call dancing around an issue.

McCain, while asserting it’s an issue for states to decide, has endorsed the proposed bans on this year’s ballots and has not advocated for federal recognition of the various same-sex partnerships now legal in 10 states.

I didn’t even notice that this issue wasn’t being discussed at all by the candidates. Maybe homosexuals playing house was pushed off the radar screen by the issues in the economy right now. I find the idea that California has Prop 8 on it’s ballot very interesting. The article says that it is thought that the ban on homosexuals pretending to marry will fail, but it is interesting to see that there are still people with brains in California.


Magazine Featuring Female Pastors Pulled From Shelves, 'Treated Like Pornography'

ATLANTA —  The five women on the cover are dressed in black and smiling — not an uncommon strategy for selling magazines.

But these cover girls are women of the cloth, featured in Gospel Today magazine's latest issue, which the Southern Baptist Convention has pulled from the shelves at its bookstores, though the magazine is available for sale upon request.

The group says women pastors go against its beliefs, according to its interpretation of the New Testament. The magazine was taken off stands in more than 100 Lifeway Christian Bookstores across the country, including six in metro Atlanta.


I agree with this. If a group doesn’t think women pastors re Biblical, they should pull the magazine from it’s shelves.  That just stands to reason.  Those who don’t have a problem with women pastors don’t have to do so.

As a woman, I personally would not go to a church with a woman pastor.  I agree with the Baptists on this issue usually. 




The specter of a presidential election influenced by racial misgivings is prompting debate in the political arena, as analysts examine whether voter prejudices will diminish Barack Obama’s chances of becoming the first black president.

A new AP-Yahoo News poll suggests that racial attitudes could still threaten Obama, and he and his supporters have raised the issue on the campaign trail in recent weeks. Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius on Tuesday suggested the race was so close because Obama is black.

Certainly I am not the only one who saw this coming.  If he loses, I certainly hope he loses, it won't be because he is black. It's going to be because he is a liberal and wants to tax tax tax tax us.  It has nothing to do with his being black.  I would not vote for this man if he were bright green with pink and yellow dots.. He is a liberal.  End of that. 

If he loses, this is all we are going to hear from the democrats for years.  




A former producer for the Playboy Radio show "Night Calls" has filed a hostile workplace lawsuit claiming she was subjected to a sexually and racially hostile environment, TMZ reports.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah . . . .

Let's get down to reality here.  If one works with and for perverts, one CANNOT holler when those perverts behave like perverts. What was this stupid chic expecting?  She is working for PLAYBOY a "company" owned by a pervert, ran by perverts for other perverts. She didn't expect to work with animals?  Come on.  If you are so exceedingly stupid and immoral as to work for Playboy, you have no business suing over a sexually hostile environm Digg! ent.   


RICHMOND, Va. - It's one thing to dangle fuzzy dice from a rear view mirror, but decorating a trailer hitch with a large pair of rubber testicles might be a bit much in Virginia.

State Del. Lionel Spruill introduced a bill Tuesday to ban displaying replicas of human genitalia on vehicles, calling it a safety issue because it could distract other drivers.

He said the idea came from a constituent whose young daughter spotted an example of the trail hitch adornment and asked her father to explain it.

" 'I didn't know what to tell her,' " Spruill said the constituent told him before Spruill vowed to stop such displays.

"I said, 'Sir, I'm going to be a laughingstock, but I'm going to do it,' " he said.




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