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raise those taxes!!

Obama Seeks to Halve Deficit to Half Trillion Per Year by 2013
Obama wants to slash the deficit. Isn't that just good. First he raises it by 727 billion with a bill that the idiots still call a stimulus but the rest of us know is the biggest democratic spending bill in history.  The stimulus bill that tisn't is nothing but a Christmas wish list for every democrat in Washington.  It is a payoff bill. 

For an encore, this president decided that honest people who work and pay their mortgages will be punished and forced to pay the morgages of people who bought more house than they could afford. 

After increasing government spending to record levels, he now says that he is going to reduce the budget by half.  Right.  Is he going to reduce the debt to half of what it was before he spent us into oblivion or is he going to reduce the debt to half of the huge huge amount he has added still leaving us in more debt than at any time in our nation?  This isn't a promise. This is deceitful rhetoric designed to dupe the worshipers.  And the liberal Obama butt kissing media is buying it.

How is he going to do this?  By taxing the "rich".

Tax the rich.  Guess who hurt?  The poor. Who creates jobs? The rich including those who are not rich but whom Obama has classified as rich. 

Tax the rich?  Guess who pays more for milk and bread and clothes and cars and houses and everything? All of us including the poor. 

What a stupid man.  What a stupid liberal idiot man.  How sad are the   idiots that support him. 

Tax the rich. Why of course we should.  The rich must be punished!!!  We cannot have achievers in this society. It is not far to reward hard work and ingenuity and creativity in this society when there are people who do not work hard and who do not contribute to society.  Punish those who work hard and are responsible. It is not fair that those kinds of people succeed when the lazy and irresponsible do not. 

Help the poor by beating down the hard working person until everyone is poor. 

Stupid man. And the liberals love to have it so. 

These are the last days of the last days.  It is known that the US will not be a world power in the last days.  Obama is going to make it so.



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