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Be afraid. Be very afraid

Folks, it's time to batten down your personal hatches. If you're planning on riding out a hurricane, you'd better prepare.

One of the problems of my generation is we've always taken abundance for granted. Having never lived through hard times, we were probably bored with our grandparents' intense frugality that resulted from surviving the Great Depression. Why save aluminum foil or keep hairpins beyond their functional use when all you have to do is … buy more?

Is it a good idea to pay off all debt even  your house if you can?  Yes.  It is always a good idea to do that but especially now. 

Is is t a good idea to garden and can?  Yes. Always has been.  Home grown food tastes about a hundred times better than what you can buy and is better for you. It also saves money.

Is it a good idea to be able to grow your won meat?  Yes.  See the above reasons. My family are going to work toward that. 

Is is a good idea to be able to sew or do other things for your self. Yes. Always has been. 

I am going to be very plain about this topic. I am not fearful at all right now.  I am  looking up.  We are seeing end time prophecy being fulfilled right before our very eyes.    The only preparation for that is being right with God and serious with Him.  If your life is not holy and you are not living all out whole hearted for Jesus Christ, it doesn't matter one bit what you save up or pay off.  Real preparation? Get right with God.  Draw near to him.  Wash you garments and live holy lives.  Witness to you family and neighbors. 




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